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  • Sinners + Saints: Do it All with (Best in) Class

    We are a multidisciplinary studio providing vertical campaign integration for brands and agencies. Sinners + Saints is a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and the multidisciplinary studio of choice for brands and agencies like Smirnoff, L'Oréal, FCB, GSD&M, McCann, and a host of others. Each client comes to us with a unique set of needs; what they share is the desire to vertically integrate a campaign, from broadcast through social, digital, photographic content, and BTS - using top tier talent to execute a cohesive production, with one voice, to realize a singular vision. This kind of integration requires comprehensive expertise, deep blue-chip experience, and a vast network of best-in-class talent. Our studio is overseen by Managing Director/EP Heather Heller, producer of some of the most dazzling and awarded music videos and commercials of the past two decades. Having produced for Academy Award-winning filmmakers and directors of large feature franchises such as HUNGER GAMES and SPIDERMAN, and acknowledged by Rolling Stone as the only person to produce two of the most popular music videos of the 2000’s (Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and Lana Del Rey’s “Ride”), Heather has mastered the language of fashion, luxury and beauty along with the mechanisms required to bring that vocabulary to life. She was the producer of Apple’s Global Launch for the iWatch in 2014, and is well-versed in VR/AR and Immersive entertainment, serving as Executive producer on global VR and 360 campaigns for companies. All of this experience has amalgamated into a production service company with hands on approach and global reach. Heather produces projects for her clients throughout the world, from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mexico City, Portugal, Buenos Aires, Rio, London, Paris, Australia, New Zealand and has deep relationships with production partners in all locales. Let your talent flag fly. At Sinners + Saints, multi-hyphenate directors - feature filmmaker-commercial director-photographer-writer-influencer, for example - are complemented by social media masters and a host of specialists in other parts of the campaign creation funnel. Called upon to contribute beyond the traditional production company model, the Sinners + Saints talent began engaging as influencers, due to their high visibility, while bridging the gap with celebrities and athletes who related to them as direct collaborators. Creative is not a dirty word. We often are invited to collaborate with agencies and brands on creative development. This is a natural extension of our artists’ unique set of skills. These creators have a proven track record developing stories that inspire and truly resonate. They count Grammys, VMAs, Clios, VH1 honors, Billboard Awards, and Oscars among their respective accolades. As such, Sinners + Saints offers creative services in a bespoke manner that emphasizes collaboration among all partners. For example, when Smirnoff teamed up with Colombian singer, songwriter and business mogul Karol G to collaborate on new projects that showcase the power of Latin culture, Sinners + Saints was central to the campaign. The studio brought in filmmaking powerhouse Jessy Terrero who had an established relationship with Karol G, having helmed music videos for the artist. Terrero - rooted in Latin American as well as global Hispanic pop culture - provided the creative leadership to translate the “Live Louder” content across various markets - youth, Latin, and beyond. Sinners + Saints presided over the campaign’s vertical integration, spanning: Creative Celebrity Digital Assets (US market/US Hispanic market/Global market) Broadcast BTS video BTS photos Print Campaign (US/Mexico/Global) Oh Snap. Our long legacy of print production precedes us with a loyal, ever-expanding circle of brand partners from all over the world including Dior, HTC, Renault and Vivo who rely on us to often combine stills into our video shoots or vice versa. Sinners + Saints handles production on any scale, along with coordination of editorial, advertising and digital photo shoots. This is a comprehensive service, including estimates of usage for photographers as well as calculation and distribution on an annual basis. Through the lens of our A+ talent and team, your talent glistens. Louder, Farther, Faster. Beyond utilizing strategic relationships to develop, produce, direct, and photograph branded projects, Sinners + Saints harnesses its artists’ significant press and social media influence to amplify the brand and message via its Social and Celebrity services. Case in point, director Jessy Terrero’s 400K followers on Instagram enhanced the Smirnoff collab with Karol G, and placed him in front of the camera in a campaign for Cadillac. The studio also maintains strategic connections with all major talent agencies and management companies, to research, recommend, and secure the right talent for marketing campaigns and branded content. Art. History. Billions of views. With hundreds of videos produced, billions of views earned, and a virtual Who’s Who of artists in front of and behind the camera, Sinners + Saints continuously makes music history. That kind of influence is valuable, and the medium is as vital as ever when it comes to tie-ins for feature films and brands. Nuts and bolts. Finally, Sinners + Saints delivers a unification of services beyond the talent itself. Talent buyouts, usage agreements, and the kind of turnkey excellence that is so critical to a successful campaign, while functioning apart from those areas outside our expertise (such as media, trafficking, and testing). In Summation. While we are in the business of creating magical, memorable campaigns, Sinners + Saints is about resourcefulness and synergy, backed up by the virtuosity required to make it all come together.

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